Custom Benchmade Griptilians – Making a Great Knife Even Better

If you read my site, you’ll know that the Benchmade Griptilian is probably my favorite folder of all time. The combination of good size, good steel, and the axis lock, combined with a reasonable price, make it a top choice. The normal Grip comes with a black handle, although you can get the standard configuration in various colors handles, with or without serration, and in a drop point with a thumb stud or a sheepsfoot blade with a thumbhole. The fullsize Griptilian is readily available in handle colors of black, orange, sand, and olive drab. Mini-Grips come in a variety of colorful options such as black, blue, yellow, pink, and yellow.

However, the choices are still limited, so Benchmade has set up a Customize Your New Griptilian page on their website. It allows you to order a customized Griptilian or Mini-Griptilian in almost any set-up you can imagine. Choices include 12 different color options including black white, orange, blue gray, yellow, pink, hot pink, and olive drab among others. You can also choose between three different blade styles with drop point, sheepsfoot, or tanto and each can be plain edge or serrated. Four steel choices are available with D2 and S30V being high end steels. You can also choose whether components should be silver or black and the color and type of pocket clip. At the end, you end up with basically a fully custom setup. These custom Griptilians are not cheap, but if you have the money, you can design an awesome knife – even better than the standard, which I love!

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  1. Douglas Rossi

    A folding knife is a complicated gear. As a knife enthusiast, this is probably why I have had one too many.

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