Top 10 Best Large Pocket Knives

There are a plethora of great quality medium to large pocket knives, which makes picking only ten a difficult choice. This isn’t necessarily a list of the ten best folding knives, but ten great ones of which I have some knowledge and preference. Like the top 10 list of small pocket knives, this list may well change over time, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them!

1. Benchmade Griptilian                      

I know I harp on the Grip throughout this site, but I honestly believe it is one of the best medium-large folders that you can get! It has great size, great handling, and (I believe) the best lock at an excellent price.


2. Case Trapper                                      

The full-size Trapper is about the most versatile traditional pattern out there, except for maybe the large Stockman. Some people find it slightly too large for pocket carry, but it doesn’t bother me at all and can be carried in a small belt sheath if that is an issue.


3. Buck 110 Folding Hunter              

The 110 Folding Hunter is probably the most basic knife on the list, but it just does the job and has been doing the job for the last couple generations of knife users. It is also one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) knife on this list. While the Folding Hunter probably is not the ideal choice for a larger folder, it does the job admirably and is such a piece of knife history that I can’t leave it off the list. The Buck Custom Shop versions are absolutely beautiful, but costs about 8-10 times more than the basic knife.


4. Benchmade Rukus

Discontinued now, but my choice for a large folder! If you want a folding fixed blade equivalent, this is better than anything except maybe a Strider and is a lot better looking and better handling than a Strider. Benchmade should never have discontinued the Rukus!


5. Chris Reeve Large Sebenza

I’ve never used a Sebenza, but have heard excellent reports about it! On the other hand, the price is quite high. If you want a unique, hard-working piece of art, check out the Sebenza, but be prepared to put some money into it!


6. Spyderco Endura4                            

One of the most popular larger folders, the Endura is an excellent knife at a reasonable price for a big knife. People either love or hate Spyderco’s blade shape and Spidey hole, but a whole lot of knife enthusiasts love them!


7. Benchmade Rift                                    

Probably one of the best larger folders since the Rukus is no longer available. It has a beefy blade with over 3.5″ of length and it has the axis lock.


8. Victorinox Trekker                               

The Trekker is not listed because of it’s quality, because Victorinox’s Swiss Army knives are not up to the same quality build and steel as most of the other knives on the list, but they are more than adequate to do whatever job they have to do. The Trekker is handy, large, and has a great selection of tools for outdoor and indoor tasks and they are cheap enough to buy a couple of them if you want.


9. Case Large Stockman                      

If you like traditional knives and don’t choose the Trapper, go with the large Stockman. Its size with three practical blades are made to handle rough work. Cowboys and ranchers have been using them for years. The Stockman is a beautiful knife as well!


10. Cold Steel American Lawman     

Cold Steel has made good tactical knives for a number of years, but are really starting to take their place as a top player in the market. The American Lawman is one of their top models and is a big strong knife that can handle just about anything you can throw at it!

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