Pocket Knife & Folding Knife Reviews

There are several companies that stand out in the knife world for quality and selection.   Many of these companies are the best in the industry in my opinion for any type of knife you might want.  Others may not be so good. I may add or change some of these companies as I get time and see more knives, but here are my choices. Knife reviews are listed under their respective companies.


Highly Recommended

Tactical Folders:




Cold Steel

Traditional Pocket Knives:






Not Necessarily Recommended



If you have any experience with the knives or companies on here and would like to share, please leave a comment with your experiences.  I would love to hear from you!  No spam.

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benchmade griptilian

Benchmade Knives – Tops in Tactical

For a good, but not quite custom level, tactical knife, Benchmade is one of the top companies in existence. They are not cheap or inexpensive in general, but for good quality, a variety of patterns and styles, and an array of steel types, Benchmade cannot be topped. Most of their models are in a tactical …

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Boker Knives

Although not as well known as most of the other knife manufacturers here, Boker has an extensive line of good quality knives. Boker, along with Kershaw, is one of the few companies listed here that is not primarily an American knife manufacturer.  They make many of their knives in Solingen, Germany (Boker and Cinch brands) as …

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Bucvk 110 Folding Hunter

Buck Knives

                          There just isn’t a more American knife than a Buck knife!  For over 100 years, Buck Knives have had an excellent reputation for a quality knife at a very reasonable price.  The good name of Buck Knives is so ubiquitous that is some areas, any good knife is called a “buck knife.” In the past, …

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Case Trapper

Case Knives

  If you like traditional pocket knives, Case Knives is THE quinessential American knife company!  In business since 1889, Case is based in Bradford, PA and has been proudly making knives in the USA.  Case (or Case XX) has an enormous selection of pocket knives in all types, patterns, sizes, and handle materials. You can get a …

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Cold Steel Recon 1

Cold Steel Knives

                Cold Steel is a company that makes almost any kind of edged tool or weapon imaginable.  They sell everything from swords to tomahawks to sword canes and pocket knives.  Their fixed-blade tanto line basically started the American tanto craze almost singlehandedly.  In the realm of fixed blade field knives, the SRK, Recon Scout, …

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Gerber Knives

  Gerber is a very well known knife company that specializes in more inexpensive knives – somewhat comparable in price to Kershaw, but a little cheaper.    Gerber Legendary blades was founded in 1939 and sold handmade cutlery kits and in 20 years was one of the best-known knife manufacturers in the country according to Gerber’s website.  They …

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kershaw leek

Kershaw Knives

. If you want a mid-level tactical-style working knife for a good price, Kershaw Knives is a great choice! Kershaw and Buck Knives are the workingman’s knife manufacturers – a number of the other companies make great knives, but if you are going to beat on them, they can get a bit expensive!  With Kershaw, …

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Spyderco Knives

.                   Spyderco is tied with Benchmade in the affection of tactical knife fan!  Both companies make great knives, but they make largely different designs, lock types, and patterns.  Spyderco is a slightly more moderately-priced, very well-made line of knives. Most of Spyderco’s models are built in a very similar style – once you …

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Victorinox Farmer Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives

                    Multitools are some of the most popular knives around these days!  Leatherman, SOG, and Gerber multitools have taken over a large part of the market, but the original multitool is just as popular as it ever was – the Swiss Army Knife.  Swiss Army knives have been the hallmark of the boy, hiker, …

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