Benchmade Rukus

Benchmade had a real winner in the Rukus! Although I never was able to own one, I did get to handle and play around with a few of them before they discontinued them. The Rukus is a big tactical folder – the blade is slightly over four inches with a handle to match, but it did not feel huge in the pocket. I carry a lot in my pockets, so the weight isn’t much. Just like on the Griptilian, the axis lock is amazing! Some people love it and some hate it – I’m definitely on the side of loving it. The blade opens quickly and smoothly, locks solidly in place, and closes the same way. The drop point blade had a useful shape and the models that I saw came extremely sharp from the factory. People with very large or smaller hands may or may not feel comfortable with the handle. It fit many people well, but there are a few minor finger grooves that may not fit some people’s hands. I don’t have a good picture of a Rukus, so I’m adding a video so that you can get a good look at it.



Really, it was a great overall knife and Benchmade should never have gotten rid of it.  If you like large folders and can find one at a decent price, pick it up!  You will love the handling and feel of the Rukus.  If you can’t find one, but want a good strong Benchmade that probably is as close to the Rukus as they make – get a Benchmade Rift!  It is a little smaller, but still a decent-size, strong knife that will do the job!

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  1. Erik

    I have a Kershaw Bump I carry every day now. It replaced a Benchmade Osborne with the round thumb hole, which I dlarey loved but lost last spring. Then, this fall, I found out where I’d left it: In the top right-hand drawer of my school desk, where I apparently stuck it one day so it wouldn’t get me into trouble.Since I have the Kershaw, the Benchmade is going back to the factory to be sharpened and inspected, because they offer the service and why not?I actually have another Kershaw–a Spec Bump–somewhere, but I haven’t managed to find that one yet. Also my old Camillus Cuda Maxx is in pieces in a couple of Ziplock bags. It needs to have some parts polished and go back together soon, but who has time?

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