Boker Knives

Although not as well known as most of the other knife manufacturers here, Boker has an extensive line of good quality knives. Boker, along with Kershaw, is one of the few companies listed here that is not primarily an American knife manufacturer.  They make many of their knives in Solingen, Germany (Boker and Cinch brands) as well as in Argentina (Boker Arbolito), and Taiwan and China (Boker Plus and Magnum knives) among others. Some Boker knives used to be produced in the United States, but they were bought out and quit manufacturing.  Generally, Boker knives are of very good quality, but there are some quality issues with some of the Chinese Bokers, particularly the Magnum line. The majority of them are of reasonable quality, but it is best if you can look at them before you buy one. The other lines are of generally excellent build and can be purchased with confidence. A large percentage of the traditional style knives are made in Germany, whereas many of the tactical-style knives are made in Taiwan and China.

Boker make both traditional and tactical folders under their various brands, but are probably best known for their traditional pocket knives.  Boker’s line of stockman, trappers, and copperheads are not quite to the level of Case Knives or the other upper end traditional makers, but still are quality knives at comparable prices.   Boker trappers are approximately the same as Case or Buck trappers in size and layout.  In my opinion, the copperhead models are where Boker separates themselves from Case knives – not in quality but in style.  I prefer Boker Copperheads to Case models for the blade layout involved – more of a trapper style for the Boker.  Boker also makes a very nice sodbuster model for those who like a large single-bladed traditional knife.  If you like traditional knives at a moderate price, and Case doesn’t have exactly what you want, try Boker! There is a good chance they probably will.

Boker Beer Barrel Copperhead
Boker Copperhead

Boker Red Bone Trapper
Boker Trance

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