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There just isn’t a more American knife than a Buck knife!  For over 100 years, Buck Knives have had an excellent reputation for a quality knife at a very reasonable price.  The good name of Buck Knives is so ubiquitous that is some areas, any good knife is called a “buck knife.” In the past, Buck has specialized in traditional pocket knives and fixed blades for hunting and outdoor use.  They used to offer a very large selection of traditional folders, but in recent years they have begun emphasizing tactical-style folding knives and down-sizing their traditional line.  They do still offer great models in both styles.


Buck Knives has introduced some of the quinessential American knives such as the Buck 110 Folding Hunter, which is the most copied knife in the world and, although not a folding knife, the Buck 119 Special, one of the best known and readily available hunting and camping knives.  The Buck 110 Folding Hunter was the folding knife when it was introduced and is one of the major factors in starting the current popularity of larger tactical folders.  It isn’t what would be called “tactical” today, but at the time of its introduction, the idea of a large, strong, locking folding knife was still in its infancy. This is the knife that started the trend. The Buck 110 is still one of the best deals available for a large folder.  The leather sheath alone is worth almost as much as the knife costs.


They are known for the quality of their traditional pocket knives, especially the stockman models. Buck used to make several lines of traditional pocket knife models, but they have drastically reduced their current inventory. Still, for a less expensive, good quality pocket knife, Buck’s traditional models can’t be beaten. Some of their newer tactical folders such as the Buck Bantam models, especially the Bantam BLW and the Vantage Pro are at the top for very inexpensive, yet great quality, light tactical folders (although if you have the option, I would choose any model of the Buck Vantage series over the Bantam series – they are far better in my experience).  The Bantam BLW was my work and edc knife for a while and, overall, I was pleased with it.  The handles are a very light plastic, actually a good bit too light, but otherwise is very suitable for a working knife.  I have been using the Vantage Select recently and like it very much!  It cost a little more than the Bantam, but is more than worth the slight extra money.

 Visit How To Choose a Knife – Five Outstanding Good Quality and Good Value Buck Knives for a summary of some of the best Buck Knives available.




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