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If you like traditional pocket knives, Case Knives is THE quinessential American knife company!  In business since 1889, Case is based in Bradford, PA and has been proudly making knives in the USA.  Case (or Case XX) has an enormous selection of pocket knives in all types, patterns, sizes, and handle materials. You can get a stockman, trapper, canoe, peanut, whittler, copperhead, doctor’s knife, sowbelly, and many other models in almost any size you might like.  Handles materials available include stag, bone (in several different styles and colors), abalone, mother of pearl, and synthetic materials among others.  They are probably best known for their full-size stockman and trapper models, but they have almost any odd type of traditional knife that you might want. Case uses two steel types in their knives – stainless (they don’t say which stainless) and Chrome Vanadium (their own steel).  Most users seem to prefer the Chrome Vanadium, but I haven’t heard many complaints about either one.

The two-bladed trapper is the best style of traditional knife that Case makes, in my opinion.  It is the perfect size to do big jobs without being too large to carry and I just like the looks of it!  The stockman is a great knife as well and, for some, the extra blade and different blade styles available make it a better choice than the trapper.  If you like a slightly smaller knife, the copperhead is a nice choice and for a tiny pocket knife and whittler, it is hard to beat the Case Peanut.

If you are only interested in tactical knives, Case probably won’t be the company for you, but they stock almost everything else!  It can be difficult to find a good selection of Case’s wide range of knives locally, so you will probably need to buy them online, but many hardware stores or sporting good stores offer the most popular models.  See one man’s opinions of the best Case knife patterns at How To Choose a Knife – Five Great Case Knives Pocket Knives.

Case Large Stockman
Case Trapper
Case Peanut

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  1. Ken Beasley

    I have a “Copperhead ll” with red stag handles. The knife is, at least, 25 years old. One blade is what people in North Mississippi refer to as a “Hog Blade.” There is a “groove” in the blade before the handle where the index finger fits perfectly Then the blade “stops short”.” It looks as if it might have been broken, but I’ve seen other knives wth a “hog blade,” and these are the same.

    What can you tell me?

    Thank you for your time!

    Ken Beasley

    1. Hi,
      Honestly, I’m not sure right off. I’ve never seen a Case Copperhead like that and haven’t been able to find any information about it. However, I will keep an eye out and let you know if I do learn anything about it. Sorry I can’t be of more help right now!

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