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Cold Steel is a company that makes almost any kind of edged tool or weapon imaginable.  They sell everything from swords to tomahawks to sword canes and pocket knives.  Their fixed-blade tanto line basically started the American tanto craze almost singlehandedly.  In the realm of fixed blade field knives, the SRK, Recon Scout, and Trail Master knives are very popular.  Many outdoorsmen use the Trail Master bowie for their large knife or tool and the smaller Master Hunter model is a very popular belt knife for general hunting and camping uses.  The SRK was designed as a medium-size (6″ blade) knife that could handle any task that would be encountered in the woods and is highly respected among many Search and Rescue teams and survival instructors.


Their line of folders concentrates almost exclusively on tactical folders and they have a good reputation in the field.  Cold Steel has made folding knives for a number of years, but have sold comparatively few models compared to their fixed blade knives, primarily just the models featured in their Voyager and Vaquero lines.  In recent years, they have introduced a number of new folding knives and have upped the ante in new features and models.  In general, Cold Steel folders are not on the high level of Benchmade or a good Spyderco, but they are good quality knives.   Cold Steel does not use premium steel for most of their folders, using AUS8 and similar steels, but the steel is good enough quality on all their models and some have better steels.


The Cold Steel Vaquero, Cold Steel Voyager, and the AK-47 are among the best known Cold Steel folders. The Voyager was just redesigned to update and modernize the knife.  Some of the changes have been popular and some haven’t, but the knife has a good number of followers.  The Cold Steel Spartan and the Recon 1 are new knives that are becoming very well known and popular among users of tactical folders and are considered top quality tactical knives.  The American Lawman is a fairly new knife that has become known for good quality and size and has been the basis for a number of highly respected (and expensive) customizations.  Many consider the American Lawman to be Cold Steel’s best tactical folder. The Rajah and Spartan models are quite large folders that may be too large for some preferences, but have quite a number of fans among those who love big knives.


Cold Steel American Lawman
Cold Steel AK-47

Cold Steel SpartanCold Steel Rajah II

Cold Steel Voyager Med.




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