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Gerber is a very well known knife company that specializes in more inexpensive knives – somewhat comparable in price to Kershaw, but a little cheaper.    Gerber Legendary blades was founded in 1939 and sold handmade cutlery kits and in 20 years was one of the best-known knife manufacturers in the country according to Gerber’s website.  They now make and market a wide range of products, such as flashlights, multi tools, saws, hatchets, camping supplies as well as knives.

Even now, though, Gerber is best known for their knives, both folding and fixed blades.  Their Gerber Gator model is a very popular choice for a work or hunting folder.  The Paraframe is an extremely popular cheap knife.  Gerber has a fairly new line of outdoor knives in collaboration with Bear Grylls, along with some outdoor equipment.  They market a wide variety of tactical knives, which range enormously in quality and value.

I can’t quite recommend Gerber with the same enthusiasm as most other companies.  The quality of some of their knives is excellent, but the steel used and quality of other models definitely leaves something to be desired.  I do recommend the Gator models without reservation – while the quality is not the equivalent to a Benchmade or Spyderco, for those who like a large, sturdy folder the Gator is a very solid work or outdoor knife.  I have heard nothing but good about the Gerber Gator.  The Freeman folders in good steels are also good choices, however there are some concerns about the quality of cheap Freeman folders made from lower quality steels. The cheaper Freeman models are probably not the best buys, when you can get a Kershaw for about the same price.  Some of the fixed blade models are decent, as well, although one can usually get better for the price.

Some models, like the Paraframe, though, I have personally not had good experiences with them or heard of many who have.  That does not mean that you would not get a great example, but I can’t recommend it or some of the other models.  If you just like a particular Gerber while realizing its limitations, then go for it – you will get a useable knife.  But, with the exceptions above, I probably would recommend that you check the other companies.


Gerbers I do recommend
Gerber Gator

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from: Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear

Gerber 46069 Gator Folder, Clip Point, Plain Edge, with Sheath (Clam Pack)



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