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Kershaw Nerve/Blitz

A couple of months ago, I decided that I wanted a new knife, but I didn’t want to pay much for it. That really doesn’t leave too many options since most good knives cost quite a bit! After doing some research online, I settled on Kershaw’s value line including the Nerve (or Blitz as it is also called) and the Volt II. The Tremor would have been my choice, but there is some question about its legality for carry in my area, so after some comparison between the Nerve and the Volt II, I went with the Nerve.

To me, the Kershaw Nerve is a medium-size folder meant for EDC while being quite capable of some hard work. It has a 3 1/8″ blade made of 8CR13MoV and a very nice G-10 handle. The blade is admittedly unusual – almost a reverse tanto shape and some people really don’t care for it. When I first saw pictures of the Nerve, I didn’t like it myself, but it grew on me very quickly. The G-10 handle is a great size, fits my hand well, and just looks great! The pocket clip is sturdy and well-fitting, but the screws do have a tendency to come loose.

The size is excellent for me and fits my pocket perfectly. Frankly, I like big knives, but 3.5″ is about as big as I feel safe carrying around policemen who may not be all that familiar with state knife laws, and the Nerve at 3.125″ is reasonably close. Some think it is a little too bulky for easy pocket carry, but I definitely do not.

Kershaw Nerve (Blitz) folding knife


There are only two aspects of the Nerve that I do not particularly like. One is the 8CR13MoV steel – it does a decent job, but I tend to rust metal items very easily and 8CR13MoV is not the most rust-resistant steel, nor does it keep a great edge. However, edge-keeping abilities are not too bad, and a little bit of care will keep it reasonably stain and rust free. I wish it came with 154CM, but then the price would be high enough that I wouldn’t have been able to buy it in the first place!  I would love to see a version of the Nerve made with a decent steel and made in the United States, but the price would be over $100, instead of around $20 as it is. The other aspect is the thumb stud on the edge of the blade. It works all right, but the stud just doesn’t work as well for me as does the normal stud. On the other hand, I’m much more accustomed to the normal location and this is new to me.

This is a great knife in my opinion! If you are looking for a good medium folder and have plenty of money to spend, look first at the Benchmade Griptillian or Kershaw’s more expensive models. But if you are on a budget, seriously check out the Nerve. You will not be disappointed!

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