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 Spyderco is tied with Benchmade in the affection of tactical knife fan!  Both companies make great knives, but they make largely different designs, lock types, and patterns.  Spyderco is a slightly more moderately-priced, very well-made line of knives. Most of Spyderco’s models are built in a very similar style – once you have seen a few Spyderco models, you will recognize them on sight. One such distinguishing feature – the spidey hole – is a larger hole in the blade to enable easy and quick opening. The blade shape is also largely unique to Spyderco.  You are pretty much limited to one lock type, as Spyderco mostly makes frame locks.  A wide variety of steel types are available, ranging from more basic stainless steels to supersteel types. 


 Spyderco makes a huge variety of knife models suitable for almost every use and catering to every preference.  If you want a larger, excellent multi-purpose tactical model, try the larger Endura.  The Endura has a huge following about tactical folder fans.  For a similar, but smaller and less “scary looking” knife, consider the small Delica.  The Tenacious is a budget model made in China that has proven to be of excellent quality – basically the poor man’s Endura.   The Spyderco Resilience is another “made in China” model, similar to the Tenacious but bigger.  It is an awesome knife if you like large knives!   Spyderco’s unique look either fascinates or repulses people, but if you like their style – you can’t beat the quality and practicality of their knives!


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Spyderco Resilience Tactical Folding Knife

Spyderco Resilience Review

  If you like large tactical folders, the Spyderco Resilience is definitely a knife to check out!  The Resilience is in the same China-made value family as the popular Tenacious model.  With a 4 1/8″ fairly wide blade, the Resilience is about as big a folder as is easy to get.  It is in the …

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