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Spyderco Resilience Review

Spyderco Resilience Tactical Folding Knife

If you like large tactical folders, the Spyderco Resilience is definitely a knife to check out!  The Resilience is in the same China-made value family as the popular Tenacious model.  With a 4 1/8″ fairly wide blade, the Resilience is about as big a folder as is easy to get.  It is in the same general size range as the Benchmade Rukus or Skirmish, although not nearly as bulky as a Strider or similar.  I got my Resilience a few months ago and then learned that I probably shouldn’t carry it much here because of the blade length.  Technically, it is legal, but some police don’t know that so better safe than sorry!  That was a real disappointment, because I really like the knife!

I like big knives in general, whether fixed blades or folders, and the Resilience definitely qualifies.  As mentioned above, the blade length is 41/8″ long with an overall length of 9 3/16″.  Blade width is approximately 1 1/4″ wide at the widest point, so it is quite a bit wider than most folders and even a number of fixed blades.  The blade shape is something of a leaf-shaped drop point.  I would prefer a slightly more traditional drop point, but this works fine.  Blade steel is 8CR13MoV which is okay, but not great.  Since rust resistance is not the greatest with 8CR13MoV, I have been careful to wipe my blade after using or handling it.  The Resilience has some weight to it – enough that some people find it too heavy, but I do not agree at all.  I carry enough in my pockets that it would take an exceptionally heavy knife to even notice it was there.

The G-10 handle is very nice and is open on the bottom.  This makes cleaning a dirty or rusty knife much easier, since you can access the problem from either direction; not being limited to cleaning only from the top and missing hard-to-reach areas.  The pocket clip is a reasonably sturdy three screw type and the Resilience can be carried right- or left-handed and tip up or down.  There is a lanyard hole on the tip end which is a great option, but can only be used with tip down carry.  It comes with a thumb hole, which I don’t prefer as much as thumb stud, but it does do a good job.  Opening is quick and easy with just a little bit of practice.  The Resilience is made in China, which I don’t like, but it is still a good knife.

If you need (or want, in my case) a big folder and don’t want to pay much for it, there are not very many options out there.  There are a number of great large folding knives available from Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, ZT, Cold Steel and others, but for most of them you are going to pay a good amount over $100.  The Spyderco Resilience is a great option at around $35-40 that won’t break the bank and will do a good job for about anything if you keep it clean and sharpen it every now and then!

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