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Multitools are some of the most popular knives around these days!  Leatherman, SOG, and Gerber multitools have taken over a large part of the market, but the original multitool is just as popular as it ever was – the Swiss Army Knife.  Swiss Army knives have been the hallmark of the boy, hiker, and tinkerer for many years now! 

The small Swiss Army knives are some of the most popular pocket knife models and for good reason.  Victorinox and Wenger are the best known brands, but almost all the well-known models are made by Victorinox.  The steel used in Swiss Army knives is not the greatest, probably around 440A, and does not hold an edge forever, but is  tough and can be sharpened easily.  Overall quality is very high.  Everyone recognizes the red plastic handle, but there are also black handles and alox handles.  For every day carry and casual use, any of the handles are fine.  If you plan to use the knife primarily as an outdoor knife or work knife, though, seriously consider the alox-handled models.  The alox handles are considerably stronger and more durable than the more common plastic handles, but either one will do the job.

 A small model, like the Classic, makes a great pocket knife for the person who doesn’t need much of a knife, but wants something to cut string and open boxes.  If you work in an office in a big city, you may not have much choice in the type of knife you can carry and the Classic or similar type would make a good choice.  Victorinox even makes a few models that do not have a knife blade, but include a built-in flash drive for places that will not allow knives at all of any size.

The alox-handled models and the larger models are the most popular among outdoorsmen. The Pioneer Harvester and the Farmer are excellent choices in the  normal-size alox models. Both have a good blade and a saw, which are the most important options for the woods.  Among the larger models, the Rucksack, the Trekker, and the Forester are great choices.  All have a larger blade and saw, making them more useful than the smaller models if used as the general use knife. All Victorinox models are great quality, but those named are some of the best and most popular options for the outdoors.

Victorinox One Hand Trekker
Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic
Victorinox Swiss Army Farmer

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